MonthMarch 2014

BMX Bike Tips From The Professionals

A BMX bike is a type of bicycle that is designed for motorcross and dirt riding. It can be used to sport and casual riding. Have you ever watched BMX riders on television and wanted to attempt the same tricks that they do?… Read More

4 Best Cocktail Recipes Using Apple Juice

Apple juice may have a reputation as a kids’ drink, but add the right liquor to it and it can turn into a surprisingly sophisticated cocktail. There are several great cocktail recipes that feature apple juice as one of their main ingredients.… Read More

Melanin Reactive Hair Removal Not a Good Choice for Melanin-Rich Skin

In the eternal fight to remove hair that grows in places it is not wanted, most women have tried every method they can find. Chemical depilatories, wax, shaving, or even plucking are methods every woman has experimented with. Those methods work but are only temporary; the same hair quickly grows back.… Read More

Some Chemicals in Dog Shampoo Can be Harmful to Dogs

What you use to bathe your dog in just as important as what you feed it or the water you give it to drink. Canines are especially sensitive to certain chemicals and oils. The dog’s skin will absorb whatever is contained in the shampoos that are used to bathe them.… Read More

4 Ideas for DIY Projects Using PP Sheets

Polypropylene or PP for short is an amazing material. It is a plastic polymer known for its strong resistance to corrosion and abrasion and for its ability to be easily welded into other shapes. For this reason, sheets of PP are great for use in do in yourself projects.… Read More

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