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Remembering Your Special Guy on a Special Holiday: Choosing Valentine’s Day Gifts He Will Love

With Valentine’s Day fast approach, the time is now to find the ideal gift for your special guy. The thing is that you want to please him and still think a little out of the box. Here are some suggestions that will start you thinking in the right direction.… Read More

From Sweet to Savory: 2 Easy-to-Make Recipes Using Low Fat Milk

everything from savory macaroni and cheese to sweet and satisfying milkshakes.

These days, though, many people are watching their weight and avoiding full fat dairy products. Luckily, you don’t have to bypass flavor just to avoid a few extra calories and a couple of extra grams of fat.… Read More

6 Benefits of Degrees in Business

When choosing a major for university studies, it is often helpful to consider those that offer value beyond a career. An especially meaningful program of study is for a business degree. In addition to becoming professionally prepared to make a living in the corporate world, degrees in business can assist with many personal and family tasks as well as keep you in touch with the global community.… Read More

Joys of Fatherhood

People say that life changes when one becomes a father. I totally agree with that. Fatherhood has been one of my greatest pride and joy.

After two years of settling down, I held my first bundle in my hands, Tanya. And as I did that, I realized life had suddenly changed.… Read More

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Beautiful

Healthy skin is very important when you are trying to look your best. Healthy skin makes using thick foundations or concealers unnecessary. It also helps you to stay looking younger for a longer time. Not everyone knows how to keep skin healthy.… Read More

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