When you are hunting for the perfect new place to live in Singapore, you may already know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need and what your desired monthly rental payment will be. These may be the factors that you are primarily focusing on, but they are not the only factors to think about when searching for a new place to live. The fact is that the location of your rental is one of the most important factors to consider, and there are three prime reasons for this.


Transportation Options

Everyone will need to venture out of the house on a regular basis for everything from going to work to buying groceries and more. The location of your home will have a major impact on how convenient it is for you to get around. A property near an MRT, for example, may be ideal for those who need to ride a bus or catch a taxi for transportation on a regular basis. If you have your own car and regularly drive in Singapore, you may not need to live near an MRT. However, you may need to live close to major roadways.



The Cost of Housing

The location of your home in Singapore will also impact the cost of housing. There are prime or highly coveted areas in Singapore that have considerably higher average rental rates than other areas. There are more affordable HDBs in Singapore in other areas. You can work with a property agent to determine areas of Singapore that have a lower rental rate per square foot but that still appeal to you based on their atmosphere and other location-based factors.

Cost of Housing


The Lifestyle

In each of the different regions of Singapore, you will find a slightly unique way of life. For example, in some of the more urban areas of Singapore, it is more common for individuals to ride bikes and walk to get around town. In other areas, driving in a car or talking public transportation is more common. Some areas are more densely populated, and they may be louder and more active or energetic. Other areas are less densely populated and have a more laid back way of life. In addition, the different types of shops, restaurants and other venues in a region will impact your lifestyle. For example, some areas may have more nightlight while others have more parks and natural areas.

Singapore Lifestyle

You certainly want to find a rental in Singapore that is affordable for your budget and that is the right size and layout for your needs. However, you also need to pay attention to the location. In fact, you may want to learn more about the different regions of Singapore as a first step, and this can help you to narrow down the area that you are searching for your rental in. By doing so, you can ensure that your new place meets all of your needs and provides you with a comfortable way of life that is suitable for your preferences.