Polypropylene or PP for short is an amazing material. It is a plastic polymer known for its strong resistance to corrosion and abrasion and for its ability to be easily welded into other shapes. For this reason, sheets of PP are great for use in do in yourself projects. Below is a short list of DIY ideas using PP sheets.




1. Storage Containers

Polypropylene is an extremely strong material. It is resistant to moisture, chemicals and acid. It also can’t be cracked or dented when met with force. For these reasons, the material is perfect for use in storage containers. This is especially the case for items that may be damaged when exposed to the elements. For example, an antique comic book collection needs to be kept away from moisture. Placing those comic books into a storage container created from PP sheets is one way to completely shield those fragile comics form all moisture and outside elements.


PP Box




2. Mattress Covers

Another common use for polypropylene is as a mattress cover. The types of CLPG PP sheets here you need are the thinner and more malleable variety. Simply mold them to cover all sides of the mattress. Thanks to the strength of the plastic polymer, the mattress will be protected from all stains and liquid damage. This can be extremely useful, for example, if you have a young child that is going through a bed wetting stage. It will protect the mattress. Only the PP sheets will need to be cleaned off with simple water and disinfectant.


PP Sheet bed cover



3. Painting Drop Cloths

Another common use for PP sheets is as drop cloths used while painting. Drop cloths are used when a person is painting an object or part of a structure and wants to protect nearby surfaces and objects from the paint. Many drop cloths are made from thick cotton and other woven fabrics. However, PP sheets actually work far better and can be purchased for a fraction of the price of other options. When the paint dries on a polypropylene drop cloth, it can simply be folded up and used again for other paint jobs.


PP Sheet drop cloth



4. Signs

PP sheet are also great for use as signs. Simply purchase the thicker variety that is more rigid and sturdy than thinner sheets. Your design or text can then be painted on to either side of the sheets. The great thing about signs created from polypropylene is they are extremely resistant to severe weather conditions thanks to the chemical make-up of the plastic. Whether it is blistering cold, simmering heat or strong winds, signage created from PP sheets will remain unscathed by the elements.


PP sheet


Polypropylene is a great building material that can be used in nearly any DIY project. The plastic is extremely resistant to abrasion, corrosion, moisture and nearly everything else. It is also extremely malleable and can be fitted to nearly any use. Simply contact some PP sheets suppliers to see if you can purchase the materials you need to complete your project.