Nowadays, many individuals are opting for nose fillers instead of a rhinoplasty procedure. That’s because there are a lot of benefits that come with nose fillers that you can’t find with any other kind of nose surgery. Check out five of the benefits below:

1. It is Reversible

Unlike other types of surgeries, nose fillers can be reversed if needed. That means whether you do not like the results or you later want a surgical rhinoplasty procredure, these fillers can be taken out. In fact, a hyaluronidase enzyme is used to dissolve the fillers in a matter of a few hours.



2. There is No Down Time

When you undergo a rhinoplasty surgery, you are out of commission for at least a week. That is because there will be a good amount of bruising and swelling that occurs to the area. However, with non-surgical rhinoplasty you will be good to go shortly after the procedure. There may be a bit of redness as well as some light bruising and swelling but it will only last at most 5 days. With fillers, you do not have to put your life on hold while your nose heals. Instead, you can immediately go back to work, school and whatever else makes up your daily life.




3. Not Nearly as Expensive as Surgery

When you decide to¬†get nose fillers in Singapore, it will cost you roughly $750. This is practically a steal compared to what it costs to go under the knife for a nose procedure. A rhinoplasty surgery costs thousands of dollars. While you may have to get some maintenance done every one to two years with nose fillers, it’s still much cheaper than choosing a surgical option.


4. Helps You See What Surgery Would Look Like

If you were thinking about going under the knife to get your nose fixed, this is an option for you without taking that major step. Today, nose fillers are looked at as a stepping stone for having a rhinoplasty surgery performed. While of course the results won’t be exactly the same, it’s enough to give you an idea of what you would look like with a nose that is straighter, has more of a defined tip or simply has less nasal show.



5. Perfect For People That Have Already Gone Under the Knife

While we may hope that our rhinoplasty surgery goes exactly as we want it to, that does not always happen. Sometimes a surgical rhinoplasty can go completely wrong, leaving the nose looking much worse than it was to begin with. Since rhinoplasty surgery is so expensive, some people can’t afford having revision rhinoplasty. Not only this, though, some people don’t want to go under the knife once again. Remember, it comes with a long recovery period. Thankfully, a botched surgery can usually be fixed with these nose fillers. A nose filler can usually help with any issues that a bad surgery caused.