We all have one of those days when nothing’s going right and the stress levels keep piling on at work. There may also be times when you get stuck in the rain without an umbrella, which results to catching a bad cold.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be living with family members or a spouse who can cook up warm meals to make the blues go away, so what can you do if you’re living alone? Here are 5 ideas for steaming hot meals that will bring some comfort to aching bones and broken hearts:

hscampbellsCanned Soup  There are many types of cans of soup in Singapore that can satisfy your needs. Most of them are easily prepared because all you have to do is just pour it out into a saucepan to heat up over the stove . Alternatively, they can also be poured into a bowl and heated up in the microwave. Soups are ideal for warming you up when you feel cold, or as something soft to eat when you have trouble swallowing.

184_en-us_largeChocolate Cake in a Mug  Nothing beats chocolate as a pick me up. Try making a simple chocolate cake in your favorite mug by mixing flour, baking powder, sugar and cocoa powder and then blending it until smooth. After that, give it a minute or two in the microwave and it’s done.

47594006Instant Noodles  You won’t be able to replicate the warmth of a bowl of instant noodles easily, as it offers a one of a kind feeling of joy and happiness. Make your instant noodles healthier by adding vegetables like bak choy, spinach, carrots and long beans. Any type of tofu is great too, as it soaks up the broth. For a twist, you can add a piece of sliced cheese.

31595-mccain-hashbrowns-750g-3d-renderHash Browns  Frozen hash browns can be easily prepared by placing them on top of a baking sheet and baking them at 180 degrees for at least 20 minutes. The results are piping hot potato pieces that go well with any sauce, like mayonnaise, tomato sauce or chili sauce. Baking these hash browns will cut down the amount of oil and fats you consume, which makes it healthier.

velveeta-mac-and-cheese-22Macaroni and Cheese  Although there are many instant mac and cheese boxes out there, you can also make your own version. All you have to do is boil some elbow macaroni until al dente, and then mix it with a cheese sauce. Cheese sauce can be made with just 3 ingredients, namely milk, shredded cheese, and butter.

It doesn’t take much to make a meal that will lift your spirits. In fact, any one of the above will help you feel better in no time. However, apart from good food, do try and talk about your problems (if you have any) to those around you, as that’s a great solution to stress and sadness too.