It’s time to get serious about your skin. Not being honest with yourself or your dermatologist can lead to bigger skin problems than you already have. Read on for the top skin untruths and why you should stop repeating them.

Lie: I’m only applying these three products to my skin, I swear!

Lying by omission is still lying, and it’s not helping your dermatologist determine the root of your skin problem. If you’re already seeking help from a professional, you need to explain exactly what you do to your skin every day, even if you don’t think you’re doing enough or feel that you’re doing too much. Very often, the products you use on your skin are the exact things that are causing your skin problems.


Lie: I’m not taking any medications.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable to talk with your dermatologist about something you only reserve for your OBGYN or primary care physician, but medications can play a big role in skin health. Additionally, you may think you know all about the medications you’re taking, but you don’t know as much as a doctor would. Both over the counter medicines and prescription medications can have an impact on your skin.


Lie: I don’t smoke.

In 2015, it’s difficult to admit you’re still a smoker. There’s so much information out there, that it’s embarrassing to say that you’re still making such a poor health decision. If you are a smoker, though, it’s important to own up to it. Even if you have no intention of quitting, tell your dermatologist – there are a lot of products for the skin that can treat the side effects of smoking.


Lie: I haven’t had any work done.

First of all, your dermatologist will know that you’re lying – they’re trained to notice signs of work! If you’ve had injectables, your doctor can probably tell which ones you’ve had just by looking at you. If you’re getting more injectables, it’s even more important to be upfront about the work you’ve had done. Dermatologists need to know what they’re working with – past work will influence where new injectables are placed. Also, certain topical treatments can cause other treatments to burn, which is an even bigger reason to fess up!


Lie: I wear sunscreen every day.

If you truly do, then good for you, but most doctors can tell whether or not you protect your skin from the sun just by looking at you. Remember, slathering on SPF when you’re lounging on the beach isn’t enough – it’s the daily sun exposure that’s the real problem. If you don’t already wear sunscreen daily, talk to your dermatologist about a formula that will fit easily into your lifestyle and skincare regime (Recommended Award Winning UV Plus & BB Perfecting SPF 40). If you already wear sunblock every day, be honest about where you’re applying it. Putting it on your face may not be enough – you should cover your neck and hands, too. By telling your doctor where you’re lacking in your SPF regime, he’ll be able to treat the parts of your skin that may have some sun damage.


Lie: I don’t spend time in the sun.

Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, you still get sun exposure on a regular basis. Running errands means you’re out and about outside, and a few minutes here and there will still add up. Skin treatments have to be reflective of your honest sun exposure. If you lay outside by the pool every afternoon, you’re better off telling your doctor than keeping it a secret.