Every Singaporean bride knows that wedding preparation is an overwhelming yet important element that ties the details of a big day together. As a bride, there is a medley of things to consider such as wedding theme, professional wedding planner, makeup artist, and much more. To guarantee a smooth-sailing wedding preparation, we have some helpful tips to share. 

  1. Decide on your wedding theme The best wedding theme complements you and your future partner’s personalities and journeys. If you’re one-half of an adventure-seeking couple, an outdoor wedding in Singapore would be perfect for you. If you lovebirds want to honor your cultural roots, a traditional wedding is a good step forward. Sit down with your partner and choose a theme that best represents you as a couple.
  2. Hire a professional wedding planner It’s challenging to orchestrate a wedding on your own, more so when you have other personal preparations to manage. Our advice is to find a professional wedding planner in Singapore to assist you with ceremony and venue preparation. It helps to have someone with wedding planning experience on board to ensure that every checklist is cleared before your big day.
  3. Pick your wedding gown style It’s natural for every Singaporean bride to envision themselves walking down the aisle in their dream wedding dress. Aside from finding a design that flatters your body shape and dance moves, pick a wedding dress that lets your personality shine through. That could be anywhere between elegant, classic, traditional, or sultry.
  4. Experiment bridal hairstyles and makeup Another exciting part about dressing up for your wedding day is choosing the hairstyle and makeup that suits you. Depending on your wedding theme and venue, there are a variety of styles you can pull off on your special day. A few months before your big day, arrange for trial-runs with a hair stylist and professional makeup artist and settle for a look that highlights your bridal glow.
  5. Create a wedding timeline Behind every successful time management is a wedding timeline that details every preparations and appointment in the book. You can find a variety of templates online, or create it easily on an Excel spreadsheet to be shared with your wedding planner.
  6. Choose your wedding party Your wedding day is also a great time to honor your close relatives and best girlfriends who were there through your ups and downs. Surprise them with a beautiful invitation to be your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girls on your big day.
  7. Get wedding inspirations Wedding preparations can be overwhelming, but it’s best to stay well-researched than clueless throughout the months of planning. Get your girlfriends to share any wedding articles and tips, or browse through bridal editorials for some inspirations.

There are numerous elements and decisions at play when preparing for the perfect wedding day in Singapore. As the bride, you have a wedding theme to consider, a bridal party to choose, and a wedding planner to hire. By staying close to this wedding guide, the preparation for your big day will be more manageable than stressful.