1. irobot — there has been a lot of doubt in how well the product works, but everyone who buys it seems to be fairly confident that the product works well for them. The high cost of the item is also deterrent because the average person does not have any prior schema to know if the product will work. It takes about 30 minutes for the product to clean one room because it randomly turns as it bumps into walls and furniture. The good news is that it gives the homeowner time to go do something else instead of vacuuming.

iRobot is an ideal home cleaning technology that housewives favor the most.

Stylish iRobot is also match to the modern office environment with high cleaning performance.

2. Roomba — the product from number one is a type of this product. Considering how advanced the product is, a lot of people like it. There is no need to spend time vacuuming anymore when this robot will do it for the customer. The product will not damage the furniture either because it is not a hard hit when the product makes contact with the furniture. It definitely makes the world of vacuuming much easier. The cost of the product is worth for the simple fact that the customer will not have to traditionally vacuum the floors ever again.

3. Scooba — This product is just as good as one someone gets on the floor and scrubs it themselves. People have busy lives, and do not always have time to scrub the floor themselves. This is the best way to keep a clean house while maintaining the other household responsibility. Families could especially benefit from this product because they have a need for the house to be clean and it allows the family to spend time together rather than worrying about doing traditional vacuuming. There are a lot of clear advantages in getting this product and ones like this product.

4. Robot Vacuum Cleaner — The customer should invest in this product because it allows the customer to do other things while the vacuum does the work. It is a high price but it is worth it because it will give you the opportunity to spend more time with the family or time doing other things. It will not damage the furniture when it bangs into things because it is meant to hit the furniture at a light speed. There are many good reasons to invest in this product, and who knows there might be specials on the products. Thus, pitting robot vacuum cleaners against normal vacuum cleaners is so vital to get rid of hassle home cleaning task, hop over to this worthy site and learn more.

 Have a look on this short video review of iRobot Roomba 780