Botox Cost (Malaysia)



Women and men are searching for miracles to help reduce the signs of aging. Crows feet around the eyes, wrinkles around the lips, and the hanging skin of the neck are some of the major complaints requiring Botox in Malaysia.… Read More

Anti-Aging Your Body: Tips to Look Youthful All Over

Even if you’ve enjoyed nearly perfect skin for most of your life, the natural effects of the aging process will bring about changes to the skin on each area of your body. You may expect wrinkles, sagging skin and even areas that bruise easily, but you shouldn’t give up on the youthful appearance of your skin just yet.… Read More

How to Choose Makeup Removers that Won’t Sting Your Eyes

Eye makeup is notoriously hard to get off. To make matters worse, many makeup removers contain ingredients that can cause stinging or irritation. Choosing the right product means reading every label and being discerning about the ingredients that come in contact with the eye area.… Read More

How to Drink All Night and Not Get Hangover


Prevention is better than cure. There is a host of things you can do before getting out for drinking and prevent the chances of developing hangovers. Here are 6 proven tips on how you can drink all night and prevent hangovers the following morning:

Woman Drinking Glass of Water --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Alcohol is mainly diuretic, meaning that it makes you frequently urinate, resulting in dehydration.… Read More

Savory Suds or Why You Should be Cooking with Beer

For some of us it is hard to imagine having too many cold ones in the fridge, but maybe your party last week wasn’t as well attended as you planned. If you find yourself with a surplus of brewskies, the culinary possibilities are endless.Read More

Ways to Hide Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles are a common problem, and there are multiple causes for this condition. Addressing this problem effectively requires a good understanding of the root causes of the dark circles. You need to understand the unique properties of the skin, the active ingredients within skin creams and the underlying issues.… Read More

6 Tips for Maximizing Start-Up Productivity



At the early stages of a startup, time is quite literally everything. Founders barely have time to eat, let alone take care of miscellaneous tasks that arise throughout the day. Startups have to be productive; there’s too much to be done and not enough time to do it.… Read More

Turn Back The Clock: The Anti Aging Advice Dermatologists Swear By

Getting older doesn’t mean having to resign yourself to fine lines, wrinkles and other telltale signs of aging. An effective anti-aging routine can keep these issues at bay, allowing you to retain a healthy, glowing, youthful appearance well into middle age and beyond.… Read More

5 Steps To Help Foreigners Purchase Property In Singapore

Purchasing property in Singapore may seem like an overwhelming task for you, but foreigners in Singapore may purchase property just as locals would. The city is a unique place, and you must have a better understanding of how the city is laid out before you begin shopping for property.… Read More

5 Tips to Improve Your Florida Vacation

florida-attractionsFlorida is a fantastic place to vacation that has attractions for all ages. Each year, millions of tourists choose to visit Florida cities such as Orlando, Miami, Naples, and Tampa. Here are a few tips to make your Florida vacation an easy, relaxing, and fun experience.… Read More

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