What are the healthy drinks that we should drink? I remember asking that to my kindergarten class and I cannot help but laugh at their answer. The kids in my class gave me a hard time trying not to laugh on the answers they gave me.

One of my student said the best healthy drink is the chocolate milk shake served by a famous diner. I asked him why he thought that was the best healthy drink and he answered “because my daddy got a healthy tummy after drinking it.” I saw his dad and he do have a healthy tummy – a big healthy tummy.

Another student answered that the best healthy drink is melted chocolate ice cream because “it is sweet, yummy and brown.” I wonder if she would still be saying that after she is 30 years old and she’s having a difficult time getting rid of the layers in her tummy.

There was one student who said that the best healthy drink was orange juice. I was impressed because she gave a fruit juice answer, but only for a fleeting moment because I later learned that she meant orange flavored soda when she said orange juice.