A BMX bike is a type of bicycle that is designed for motorcross and dirt riding. It can be used to sport and casual riding. Have you ever watched BMX riders on television and wanted to attempt the same tricks that they do? If so, then you should consider using these tips from bike shop experts USJCycles.com:


Get Adjusted To Your BMX Bike

A BMX bike is different from a regular bicycle. It is designed to be ridden while one is standing up whereas a regular bicycle is ridden while you are sitting. BMX bikes are specifically designed for tricks and jumps. These bikes also have smaller wheels and pegs that are bolted to the rear or front axles. That is why it is a good idea to get adjusted to your BMX bike before you attempt to do any tricks. Start off riding slow and then gradually build up your speed.


bmxDoing A Bunny Hop

A bunny hop is one of the simplest tricks that you can do on a bicycle. After that, you will need to pull up your front tire and lift the handlebars. While you are in the air, push the handlebars. This will lift the back tires. At this point, your entire bicycle should be in the air. After that, you will need to land your bicycle.


A Barhop

After you have mastered the bunny hop, you can move on to the bar hop. The bar hop is a more advanced trick. You will need to start off by riding at a fast pace. After that, you will need to continue riding while raising your feet on the pedals. Balance your BMX bike with the rest of your body. Complete this trick by jumping over the handlebars.


Tail Whip

This is another advanced trick that you can do while you are riding a BMX bicycle. Start off by pedaling fast. The next step is to swing your front foot back. This will allow you to use your back foot to kick the bike out. Whip the BMX bicycle around. Bring your back foot up, which will allow the frame of the bike to come underneath you. Place your front foot on the forward pedal. Place your other foot on the back pedal. You may want to wear shin pads while you are completing this trick. If you slip off or miss one of the pedals, then it can be very painful.

When you purchase a BMX bicycle, you will first need to get adjusted to riding it. After that, you can complete bunny hops, bar hops, tail whips and a number of other great tricks. You should click here for more tips.