Individuals who are planning to pursue careers in law should know that there are a variety of sectors within the legal field that are booming right now. In order to increase the likelihood that one will be successful after graduating, it may be a good idea to select specific courses or specializations within the field of law that offer knowledge and experience within these booming sectors. Below one can find four booming fields under the umbrella of law studies that are worth considering.


1. Civil Litigation

As a result of the fact that the economy plummeted and has experienced slow recovery, the prevalence of litigation has increased. The rising prevalence of litigation may have resulted from several factors, including the fact that individuals and organizations are much more likely to make use of the legal system to recover from financial losses or avoid paying money they owe during tough economic times. As a result of this reality, there has been an increase in the number of civil lawsuits filed. Because of this increase, legal professionals capable of representing individuals in areas like commercial litigation, civil litigation, class actions, insurance defense, regulatory actions, personal injury lawsuits, regulatory actions, and labor and employment can often find gainful employment. BAC offers information and coursework that incorporates the field of civil litigation, so for more visit


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2. Environmental Law (Green Law)

In this contemporary era, concern regarding environmental issues is on the rise. With the increase in interest and concern regarding issues such as renewable energy and clean technology has come the opportunity for environmental law attorneys to try more cases. By taking courses that place primacy on environmental law, future lawyers will have the opportunity to learn about important issues such as the management of carbon assets as well as how green house gas inventories are kept. As trends such as “going green” gain prevalence in the postmodern world, lawyers who can offer clients assistance and information regarding sustainability issues and/or green initiatives will be in great demand. According to the experts, factors such as global warming, climate change, environmental legislation, and greenhouse gases will result in a rise in legal work opportunities for environmental lawyers in the years to come.


3. Bankruptcy Law

As many legal studies experts know, bankruptcy law is one of the most rapidly growing areas of practice within the legal sector today. As a result of the fact that unemployment rates are reaching record highs, many people are no longer able to meet their mortgage obligations and/or pay monthly bills. Additionally, factors such as record foreclosures, escalating medical costs, and the declining economy have generated an increase in chapter 7 filings. For these reasons, individuals who are on the path to becoming lawyers may want to consider taking several bankruptcy law courses.



Individuals who aspire to become lawyers and want to work within a booming sector should consider taking law courses in fields such as civil litigation, environmental law, and bankruptcy law. By selecting courses and specialization work within any of these sectors as one completes a law degree, many students will likely find that they are able to attain gainful employment after graduation.