Caring for your garden gazebo is a labor of love. The setting of the gazebo is the garden, so you naturally want to keep every part of the area clean. That means the walking area inside, the outside area and the roofing. Since you have invested thousands of dollars into this place of solace, you constant attention to it is absolutely necessary, so it will last for many years. Every change of season demands attention to detail. So listen carefully to these instruction, so your gazebo will not become a nightmare to look at.

If it is made of wood, then you must spray it will pressurized water between seasons. That means every single curve and crevice. All around the roofing also. If you didn’t build it with a sealant, put a water-repellent sealant on it every two or three years. Also, get a ladder and inspect the roofing in every detail. Make sure you clean it of all dirt, spider webs and bugs nests. You must do this a few times a year. If you neglect it, it will become an eyesore.

Another vitally important thing to remember is to keep all plants and other floral away from it. If there are any trees near it, make sure they are not touching it in any way. If they do, moisture can accumulate and ruin it. You should also sweep under benches and chairs inside. If the benches and chairs are not physically attached to it, remove them and sweep thoroughly. Spider webs, leaves and trash can accumulate very easy. You can’t afford to let anything stay for any length of time. This is a delicate part of your property, and can deteriorate if not taken special care of year round.

Keep all plants and floral away from your gazebo because moisture can accumulate and ruin it.

Of course, it may not be made of wood. In that case, wash it several times a year with soap and water. But don’t wash the entire thing and then just spray it off. Spray if off in intervals, so the soap and water does not have any time to remain on any surface. It took time and work to build it, keeping it clean throughout the year must remain a priority.

If you follow these instructions to the letter, you will be able to go out alone, or with family and friends, and enjoy it. You need never fear that it will fall apart on you at any time. Good luck!

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