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Understanding Joint Pains and Keeping Them Healthy All Your Life

The bones and joints of the human body often experience significant wear and tear over time. These parts of the anatomy frequently become injured or suffer deterioration from overuse, aging or disease. You can minimize damage to your joints by following a few tips that will keep them healthy and functioning for a lifetime:


Understanding Your Joints

The joints of the human body are composed of a number of bones, ligaments and tendons that function together to allow a wide range of movements.… Read More

Don’t Skip the Warm-Up: Get the Most From Your Workout

Have you ever skipped warming up before a workout? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Maybe you are trying to save time on a busy schedule, or maybe you just do not feel like warming up. Whatever the case, skipping a proper warm-up is easy to rationalize.… Read More

Tui Na: The Post-Natal Massage Women Swear By

Massage therapy has been in use for millennia to help ease common aches and pains and to speed the injury recovery process. Massage therapy has also been used to help new mothers obtain relief from ordinary postpartum complaints.

Tui na is a therapeutic form of Chinese massage that is has been used for more than 2,000 years.… Read More

An Active Approach to Healing Hip Pain

Hip pain can be a condition that virtually stops people in their tracks as they move through their daily life. The pain can either be constant or it can seem to come and go with virtually no predictable pattern whatsoever. The good news is that people living with sharp and shooting pain or dull and consistent pain from the hip region can take back charge of their life by taking the steps necessary to regain their full range of movement and active lifestyle.… Read More

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