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How to Get the Most From Children’s Book Reviews

When considering which books to buy for your children, book reviews can be very useful. You can find book reviews in many places, from print magazines to websites. Some reviews, however, are more helpful than others. This is true of the children’s book genre as well as any other type of book.… Read More

5 Classic Children’s Book Every Child Should Read

Few activities are as important to the growth and maturation of the mind as reading. As an exercise for the mind, reading continually challenges a child to grow, with more difficult words and concepts at each step. Furthermore, the foundation of a child’s morals and worldview takes shape not just from the example and teaching of the parents and other influential adults, but from the characters and stories that fill and inspire the young imagination.… Read More

How to Prevent Yellowing in Your Book Collection

If you are like many people you have a large collection of favourite novels tucked on shelves around your home. Genuine books are real and tangible. They have a sense of history and meaning to them in a way their digital versions never will.… Read More

5 Amazing Books on Travel That Will Inspire You

Travel broadens, or so they say, but one can certainly be broadened in situ. Yet, when it comes the wanderlust cannot be denied. It comes hard and carries its victims away in mind, if not in body. A childlike fantasy of pyramids and Yukon gold soon gives way to sober reflections.… Read More

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