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Reasons Robot Vacuum Cleaners Make Your Life Easier

When it comes to convenience and cleaning, you are always on the look-out for the best! One of ever-growing popular items in the cleaning industry is the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This item has become such a hot commodity for a multitude of reasons.… Read More

4 Ideas for DIY Projects Using PP Sheets

Polypropylene or PP for short is an amazing material. It is a plastic polymer known for its strong resistance to corrosion and abrasion and for its ability to be easily welded into other shapes. For this reason, sheets of PP are great for use in do in yourself projects.… Read More

Best New Robotic Floor Cleaners for 2013

As most people’s daily lives continue to become more and more hectic, there is less time to spend taking care of the necessary chores around the house. Cleaning is usually the last thing people want to do after a long, busy day at the office or on their precious time off on the weekend.… Read More

An in depth review of different iRobot vacuum cleaners

We often times think of advancements in technology as simply pertaining to computers, cell phones, cars, and movies. However, with this sudden influx in technology, the way we clean our house has become easier and quicker than ever! This guide will give you a better understanding on how these iRobot vacuum cleaners work and generally give you a sense on how convenient and useful having a robotic vacuum cleaner really is.… Read More

The Future of Home Cleaning

Your home goes through a lot everyday. It has to endure with the messes that your, kids, pets and dirt create. Every day it is a cycle of cleaning and getting dirty again and the constant pattern leaves you feeling drained by the end of the day.… Read More

Technological Solutions to Your Floor Cleaning Problems

Floor cleaning technology has made great strides in advancement in the last 10 years with the invention of the autonomous robot. Autonomous robots are robots that can perform desired tasks without continuous human guidance. One of the most popular autonomous robots in floor cleaning technology is the robot vacuum.… Read More

A Review of Cleaning Products

1. irobot — there has been a lot of doubt in how well the product works, but everyone who buys it seems to be fairly confident that the product works well for them. The high cost of the item is also deterrent because the average person does not have any prior schema to know if the product will work.… Read More

An Overview of Robot Vacuum Cleaners – iRobot Roomba & Scooba

What is a robot vacuum cleaner? A robot vacuum cleaner is a programmable device that cleans your floors on the schedule you have designed; each day automatically. Dragging out the vacuum and spending the morning cleaning your floors is not the way anyone wants to start the day.… Read More

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