Top Tips for Picking a Domain Name That Will Help Your Business Succeed

The domain name you choose can contribute to or hinder the success of your business. You need to choose the name carefully so that it is descriptive, memorable and fits with your brand. You should know some of the top tips for picking a domain name that will help your business succeed.… Read More

Criteria for Picking a Web Hosting Company for Small Businesses

No matter what your small business is selling, it’s important to have some kind of Internet presence. Even if you just want to let prospective customers know who you and aren’t going to be actually selling anything online, you need a website.… Read More

What Can You Do if Your Fire Alarm Keeps Going Off?

Smoke alarms are supposed to be your first line of defense in the event that there’s an uncontrolled fire in your home. That’s why they’re often one of the few working things required by local health and safety codes.

It’s when your fire alarm seems to continually go off for no reason that you have a real problem.… Read More

Tips to Become a Better Web Hosting Reseller

Web hosting resellers, purchase server space and bandwidth from parent hosting companies and resell the space either as an agent of the parent company or under their own company name. Profit potential from reselling can be significant as reseller packages can often be more attractive to online buyers than individual packages offered by the parent company.… Read More

Understanding Server Colocation

Whether you are a local small business or a medium sized franchise, it is crucial that you establish an online presence. Even if you are in the development stages, then this is a great time to form a plan for developing a presence on the web.… Read More

5 Most Important Email Hosting Features

A company should have an online presence complete with email and hosting accounts. While most do not think about what they need out of an email account, this is a mistake as there are a few factors to think of before signing up.… Read More

Sacrificial Anodes for Cathodic Protection

Corrosion is a fact of life. Things rust and wear away, especially if they are in a corrosive environment, like sea water. It was actually within the shipping environment that some people first began to notice that the careful placement of some dissimilar metals seemed to protect other metals from deteriorating.… Read More

GPS Helps Parents Know Their Children’s Location

Global Positioning System or GPS has been designed to utilize satellites orbiting the earth with the ability to send down information to a GPS receiver. Geographical data and more are contained within the signals received. It can provide location information concerning any point on the earth.… Read More

Increasing the Company’s Productivity Through Email Hosting

Keeping in touch with my people while they are on the road is the key to my business success. I have to keep in touch with my employees while they are away from the office otherwise they will not be able to close out a deal with our customers.… Read More

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