When it comes to planning a Child’s Birthday party many ideas come to one’s mind such as clowns, a petting zoo or a bouncy house. Parents can ask their children what their choice is on this, since most children already know what kind of theme they want. Choosing a super hero is easy but choosing what kind of food you want catered to a child’s birthday is not so easy. Children can be quite hard to please when it comes to food, and food is something that requires a lot of attention. First, you have to know what it is you want to serve, either finger foods, or a full course meal.

Kids all time favorite, the Mini Cereal Cakes

Gourmet dishes or food that’s a little too complex are way too much for children at a birthday party so finger foods are a great idea to go with. Second, it’s best not to choose salty or spicy food, which is not the best choice for children. Children do better at parties when there is not a big need for utensils, and make sure to have finger foods that contain simple ingredients, because children can be allergic to all kinds of things all mixed together. Sandwiches can be used at finger foods, simple sandwiches like ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, just make sure there’s no allergies in the group. Parents can also cut sandwiches in different shapes using cutters that make them more fun. Big platters with fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables cut into funny shapes and characters are also fun to have at a birthday party and a great catering idea used by many catering companies.

 Amaze the kids with delicious sandwiches that cut into teddy bear shape or other pop cartoon such as angry birds.


Nutritious fruits pizza is an essential option for kids party, a healthier and yummy food for the kids.

Spit Roast Catering is not a good idea when gathering ideas for a child’s birthday party, they like finger foods and colorful foods that grab their attention. Most catering services will suggest pizza because it’s a finger food and not a big hassle, easy for children to handle, can be cut into funny shapes and sizes. Drinks are essential for a children’s party long as they are not carbonated. Lemonade, fruit punch or other juice drinks can be filled into a tank or pitcher so that children can access it. Also, juice drinks can be served in little juice boxes straight from the store.

Colorful fruit juices are attractive to children, not only help them quench the thirst but also feeling excited to the whole party.

For dessert, parents can serve cookies, ice cream, or cake. Cookies are a great idea because they can served according to the theme. Cupcakes are also great and are usually suggested by most caterers. The cake can also be made according to the theme, in bright colors or made in the same fashion as a super hero. Children will enjoy themselves long as everything is catered to them with interesting colors and shapes. You might also like to learn about the catering companies share tips on planning and budgeting your catered events.

Marshmallow strawberry cupcake mostly suggested by caterers as it’s suitable for children munching.

Watch this video and get the great tips of decoration for your kid’s birthday party.