In the heart of the Indo-Pacific Basin, the island of Sipadan offers unlimited opportunities for scuba diving. Borneo is famous for its amazing level of biodiversity, and visitors discover an infinite variety of the world’s species here at Sipadan Island, including an infinite number of marine species. Sipadan diving spots are the most exciting in the world. It is an incredible place to learn to be a scuba diver.

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Mabul Lodging

Stay in any of the half-dozen resorts on Mabul in traditional billabong huts or beach chalets on beautiful Mabul. The billabong quarters sit high above the water on stilts. Sipadan’s waters are only minutes away. Visitors can find diving packages for as little as a few hundred dollars for three dives at spots like Barracuda Point, South Point, West Ridge and Turtle Cave to name a few.

Affordable lodgings include the following:
1. Air conditioning
2. Easy access to the water or beaches
3. Shower and bath
4. Beds and bedside lighting
5. Comfortable chairs

Various lodging combinations and dive combinations are available, so visitors can pick the from the various diving excursions’ menu and get the dives they want. The same is true of the lodging, so with a little planning, visitors can create a budget package. Put together a large party of visitors and save a bundle.


Diving Sites

The diving services offer large capacity boats and guides to take scuba divers to fascinating spots like Barracuda Point. The Sipadan diving spots require permits and packages normally include three or four Sipadan dives, or if permits are not available, dives on Mabul and Kapalai biodiversity diving sites.

The best times to go are also the most difficult to find bookings available, starting in March and ending in August. There is a tremendous opportunity for great diving from September to December, before the months when visibility in the water is lessened somewhat. The resorts are usually booked up for Christmas, New Years and the Chinese New Years, so if you want in on those dates, plan years in advance.


Barracuda Point

Barracuda Point offers large schools of blacktail barracuda, triggerfish and banner fish. Sharks and tuna come to these waters too, to visit what many consider the best diving spot in Sipadan. Many colorful fish entertain divers here and divers can descend the wall to the plateau and check out all the wildlife on the wall.


Barracuda Point @ Sipadan Island

Barracuda Point @ Sipadan Island



South Point

At around 40 meters down, visitors can see hammerhead sharks and threshers. This dive descends a cliff and then opens up and you can see a great variety of marine life including Sipadan’s famous sea turtles, bumphead parrotfish and white tips. The fish move in large schools here and visitors are often caught up in a large numbers.


Turtle Cave

Visit this actual cavern and find both green turtles and hawksbill turtles. A dive full of myth and legend, the cavern is complicated enough to require a guide be present on all dives.

With a little planning, spectacular dives at Sipadan can be found at bargain basement prices.

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