Being unhappy about your chin is not an uncommon sentiment in Singapore. Some people have chins that appear to be a little too narrow or that are asymmetrical. Two options exist to take care of this problem. The first is to undergo a surgical chin implant. The second is a chin filler injection. Here is a comparison of the differences between chin fillers and traditional surgical implants.

Claudia Connell Reaction Double Chin Treatment 17/9/13 Applying suction head of treatment

Faster Procedure

A major difference is that chin fillers can be applied far more quickly than implants in Singapore. Fillers can be done in about 30 to 60 minutes in most cases. The professional just plots out where the injections need to go, makes the injections and then the procedure is done. Implants require anaesthetic, preparing the patient and then full surgery that can last for a much longer time.

Nose-Piercing-Scar-Do-Nose-Piercing-Leave-ScarsNo Scarring

A real problem with traditional chin implants is that an incision must be made in order to insert the implant. This incision needs to be sutured shut. The result is normally scarring on the face or bottom of the chin. This can take away from your appearance for the rest of your life. Chin fillers do not cause any scarring. The professionals at a good Singapore medical aesthetics clinic will just inject the filler leaving no marks behind.

risk_2-600x450Few to No Risks

Conventional surgical chin implants come with a number of risks. You are implanting a foreign object underneath your skin. This can potentially cause infections or nerve damage. The surgery itself is risky due to the anaesthesia. Chin fillers have few to no risks. The filler is safe and the injections do not damage your body at all.

resizedimage600400-iStock000061756478Medium1Not Permanent

Something to consider is that a surgically placed chin implant is largely permanent. Removing it surgically later in Singapore could leave scars and create other serious problems. Many chin fillers are not permanent. They will fade over the course of a year or two. This allows you to try different looks over time or to stop using the filler altogether if you change your mind later.

13936422670_0129b4cb72_bPainless Application

A very real difference is that chin fillers can be applied with little to no pain. The area will be numbed first with a topical anaesthetic. You might not even notice anything happening. The opposite is true for surgical chin implants. You will experience pain after the procedure as your body heals from the surgery. This can make a big difference to many people in Singapore.

Minimal Recovery Time

A final difference has to do with recovery times. If you get chin fillers in Singapore, then you are going to be able to return to your life the same day. You might have some redness or bruising although that will fade in a few days. Having chin implant surgery requires a long recovery and changes to your routine to avoid infections and allow the incision to heal.

Chin fillers have a number of advantages over traditional surgical implants. They use technology that is more modern and get the job done in a non-invasive way. If you are unhappy with your chin, then chin fillers might the right option to get the jawline that you want.