Have you ever skipped warming up before a workout? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Maybe you are trying to save time on a busy schedule, or maybe you just do not feel like warming up. Whatever the case, skipping a proper warm-up is easy to rationalize. However, a warm-up needs to be an essential part of your workout routine. Not only does it get your cardiovascular system revved up for maximum results, but it also gets blood pumping through your body preventing muscle soreness and helping you avoid joint pains later.


 Increased Blood Circulation 

While resting, only about 20 percent of your blood flow makes it to your skeletal muscles. After just a few minutes of exercise, however, skeletal muscle blood flow increases to approximately 75 percent. That light jog, jumping jacks or jump rope before you really start pushing yourself means your muscles are already receiving the nutrients they need to perform. Couple this with an increase in body temperature, which releases more oxygen from your bloodstream, and your body is ready for optimal performance.


✚ Mental Preparation 

Not only does a good warm-up get you ready physically, but it also prepares you mentally to get the most out of your workout. Going into a training session cold leaves you feeling sluggish, unmotivated and more likely to cut your workout short. If you are not mentally prepared for a workout, your results suffer. It’s not all in your head either. A good warm-up leaves you with faster reflexes and better coordination.


✚ Injury Prevention 

The increased blood flow and temperature produced by a warm-up leaves your muscles and connective tissues more pliable and saturated in nutrients and oxygen. This makes pulls, strains and tears less likely. It’s also good news for your joints. One of the most common post workout complaints is joint pain and injury. A good warm-up gets your joints lubricated and helps you avoid joint pains (more advise from Providence Orthopaedic).






✚ Faster Recovery Times 

Workouts stress your body. Your body needs a certain amount of time to recover. However, this recovery period is shorter if you take the time to warm-up before a workout. The increased blood flow carries away metabolic byproducts that build up during a workout. Fewer bad metabolic byproducts, combined with the increased oxygen and nutrient flow, means your muscles recover faster with less soreness.


✚ Better Results 

Getting better results is one of the most compelling reasons to warm-up before a workout. You are taking the time to care for your body, so get the most return for your time investment. The only person you are hurting by short-changing your routine is you.

Reaching fitness goals takes hard work and dedication. After countless hours in the gym, there is nothing more frustrating than not seeing results. If you want to get the most out of every workout, you need to warm-up first. The best part, warm-ups do not take long. Increased blood flow, more pliable muscles, faster recovery times and less muscle soreness and joint pain means less time recovering or injured and more time working out.