Skylight roofing comes with several advantages. It not only makes any dreary room bright, but also helps occupants in capturing an outside view right from the comforts of home. Building can get 35 percent more light through skylights as compared to the usual windows. This can give any room an airy, open feeling.

As with windows, skylights can be both operable or fixed. Fixed skylights can have domed, or flat shape, and can only provide light. Many skylight models can be closed, or opened with the help of a hand crank, a wall switch, or even an automatic temperature sensor. When skylight is open, it can easily create updraft, venting the room of hot and stale air. This is possible all around the year, including summers, as cold air always stay low.

Skylight roofing can be one of the best problem solver as well. For example, one can use it to get in natural light in a room without any windows. In fact, a skylight equipped with clear light can easily direct sunlight to a specific spot in a room. If one uses skylight with obscure or acrylic glass, then light can spread over a large area.

Few decades back, skylights were just one single piece of big glass set up in a frame. Today, one can get them in various tinted coatings, low-e coatings, which help in controlling both UV rays and heat. As a kind of alternative to tinted glass, one can buy blinds and shades for roof skylights. All skylight that open either manually or automatically are equipped with screens. Aside from reducing electricity bills, they provide warmth in winters and cool air in winter, and help in decreasing the air conditioning and heating cost.

In winters, suns heat radiates into the room, and in summers, a ventilating skylight increases air circulation by releasing out all warm air. This makes the rooms feel much cooler. As with any other roofing, skylights are available in various sizes and shapes. The size you choose will depend upon the size of room where it will be installed. It is easy to get the exact location of skylight. One should look at the way sun passes over the house, and the room where light is needed.

When rooms ceiling is quite far off from roof line, it is best if one uses tubular skylight. They are available up to 18” dia with clear dome having reflective shaft which ends at ceiling. It is equipped with diffuser that spreads the light. This helps in providing considerable light inside the room. As it is sealed, it minimizes any heat transfer.

Before shopping for skylights or awning, it is best if one can do research on different sizes, styles and features available in them. With considerable knowledge about various options, one can easily make an informed decision on which skylight to buy.

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These a simpe animation of our skylight roof system. Using a sliding roof you can open or close the roof as you please.