Traditional wooden furniture has an earthy, timeless quality that makes it a staple in home design. Easy maintenance, sturdiness, and the ability to refinish its surface several times over the life of a given piece are key reasons to choose wood over other furniture types such as glass and metal. When choosing a wood for both indoor and outdoor use, few match the innate elegance and richness of teak. While teak is one of the most expensive woods to use, there are many benefits and elements of procuring the core teak material which justify its manufacturing costs. We will take a look at these, and how teak furniture is made to be enjoyed by millions of homes worldwide.

Teak goes through many phases before it gets in the hands of a happy customer. Teak – or Tectona grandis – is grown mostly in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Burma (which produces a third of the world’s total teak production), and Malaysia. But it is Indonesia which has the strictest regulations in tree felling and reforestation. Owners of teak furniture revel in its high oil content, which assists in creating deep coloration over time. This quality is due in part to teak sap, which contains natural anti-fungal properties which makes it resistant to termites. Teak also contains silica and rubber which enhances its ability to repel water and in turn makes it a top choice for outdoor wood furniture. Its superior elasticity together with its substantial heft provides teak with a high tolerance to cutting pressures without cracks or breaks during the furniture-making process and the finished product.

Teak preparation begins when the timber is cut into manageable pieces and then dried in large kilns. A teak kiln moves hot air across the wood with humidity and temperature controls set to ensure the wood isn’t overheated and therefore rendered unusable for furniture production. Once dried, the teak is cut, sanded, and shaped into standardized components to be used in manufacturing the required wood furniture templates. The components are then laminated or stained per aesthetic choices. The wood components are now at the stage for furniture building. Many ready-for-assembly (or RFA) furniture providers will take the furniture templates and create user-friendly specifications for the do-it-yourself end-consumer. Other wood furniture buyers will create lovely custom-built pieces to be bought in the marketplace. Other carpenters or craftsmen may buy their wood directly from local teak vendors who may have their own teak preparation infrastructure so that they can build their own to create unique works of domestic art for the more discerning buyer.

When it comes to adding beauty to any room such as wooden dining table or living room furniture, beautiful wooden furniture can be an elegant choice that will brim with luxurious charm, and teak furniture is the ultimate of any indoor or outdoor design solution requiring natural richness and stylish timelessness. How to Clean and Maintain The Look Of Wood Furniture? Click here to find out.