Everyone has at least one piece of wooden furniture such as dining tables in there house some have more than others and some pieces are worth more than others. Regardless of the worth everyone wants to keep what they put their money into nice in appearance and durable.

Caring for wood furniture can be as easy as the weekly dusting which has more of a purpose that just removing the bits of dust from companies sight. Those little particles of dust can actually scratch the wood and mess up the surface. There are a number of different dusters that can be used but a slightly damp cloth tend to work the best because it traps the dust rather than just move it around in the air where it can resettle once again on the furniture.

The next thing important to the life of the wood is actually cleaning the wood furniture. This step is kind of tricky due to the fact that water is not something that should drench the wood. At most to remove sticky or dirty spots a damp cloth with a very mild soap if needed should be used. Never use an all-purpose cleaner because all-purpose cleaners can strip the wood and mess up the manufactures original protectant.

The last step in preserving your wooden furniture is polishing and waxing. Polishing tends to mislead people in the sense that most people think polish actually protects the wood when it doesn’t it merely creates a shine. Waxing the wood tends to be the only truly protective barrier for wood furniture. Waxing the wood every 6 months to a year tends to preserve the manufactures finish or the finish that the furniture store applied. Wax comes in a paste or a liquid although the paste tends to last longer and be more durable.

Directions on application should be followed or a cloudy residue will be left behind.

Whether you have pine, cedar, mahogany or teak furniture steps should be taking in preserving their beauty. For the best types of products online searches would be the best choice so that you can actually get real life opinions about the effectiveness of the product. Read the latest home furniture news: Ethnicraft Launches Online Furniture Store in Singapore

This video showing the wooden furniture ideas for home