Whether you have always expressed a keen interest in luxury cars or you are just starting to grow interested in these vehicles, you do know that you would like to add at least one to your collection. Look for a luxury Mercedes, for example, is likely going to cost you more than some other used vehicles, but you can employ smart strategies to find the best price.



Consider the Purpose for Your Car

Some people want to drive their luxury BMW around town, but others just want a pretty piece to sit in their driveway and to show off to their friends. If you fall into the latter group, it sounds like you don’t necessarily need to purchase a mechanically perfect vehicle. Of course, if you ever want to drive it, you will need to have the repairs taken care of. However, you can purchase it as a showcase piece for the current time.



    Lease a older model car instead of new model because it is a lot of cheaper.


Lease a Luxury Car

Another way to have an Audi or other luxury car in your possession is to lease an older model of one. Generally, the price of an older model is going to be less than a brand new one even if the age discrepancy is just by a couple of years. Then, when you add in the fact that you are leasing it instead of buying it outright or financing it, you can see those monthly payments drop anymore. For those who eventually want to own the car, you can consider buying it out once your lease has ended.



Confident of the vehicle because of warranty and service contract on the car from                                                              private seller.


Buy from a Private Seller

Going to the dealership is an excellent way to secure a warranty and service contract on the car. You can drive away from the lot feeling confident that the vehicle is a sound piece of equipment that will get you to where you are going. However, you also have to pay dealership prices. When you want a lower price, find out about private sales opportunities in the neighborhood. While you want to make sure you trust the seller and the car, this method can work well for obtaining a luxury used car in Singapore at an excellent price.



Find of the average price of the vehicle that you                  would like to purchase.


Know the Average Sale Price

The fact of the matter is that if you don’t know about how much the car is selling for in general, then you are going to have a difficult time determining if you are receiving a fair price. You should conduct research on the internet to find out how much the particular make and model of the car you are interested in is worth, and you can also see how much it is selling for at other entities. Failure to do so means that you are walking into the transaction with less knowledge and giving the seller more power.



           Negotiate the price until reach an agreement of both parties.


Negotiate the Price

Whether you are going to the dealership or working with a private seller, negotiations are generally part of the car-buying process. However, you can usually get the seller to go down more with the latter situation. In any case, ask the seller what the best price is that he or she can give on the car. You may want to ask if any other models of the vehicle are available that perhaps lack in some of the special features. Meeting in the middle with the seller or dealership is an excellent way to get a price that favors both parties.

When you want to purchase a luxury vehicle, you are going to have to be willing to open up the purse strings at least a little bit, but that doesn’t mean you need to exceed your budget.