There are several different transportation options that you may choose from when planning on traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Trains are available on a regularly scheduled basis, as well as buses and flights to Singapore typically offered daily. Each type of transportation offers its own benefits and allows you to see new and exciting parts of Southeast Asia during your travels. It is ideal to plan your travels in advance to schedule bookings and to purchase tickets in order to reserve seats, no matter which option of transportation you choose to take advantage of.


Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Train

Traveling by train is one of the most convenient, affordable and relaxed ways to get from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Air-conditioned departures are offered daily for your covenience. Choosing to travel by train provides you with a new and exciting experience as you may your way through palm plantations, country stations and much more. You never know what you may see while enjoying your train ride. Typical train rates for a 2nd class seat are very affordable at around RM 34. Passengers are able to sit back and relax in comfort as they embark on their adventure on the colonial single-track railway. A daytime train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore has an estimated travel time of around 6 hours with night trains also available with convenient sleeper units at a travel time of 8 hours.

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Train – 1st Class Sleeper




Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Bus

Opting to take the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is an extremely convenient and affordable way of traveling between these two cities with ease. When traveling by bus, you are eliminating all of the hassle that may go along with traveling by plane or train. The buses offered between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are not your typical Southeast Asia buses. Whether you are traveling on a single bus or a double-decker bus, you will be provided with plenty of leg room, comfortable seating arrangements and more. Some buses also include work desks, movies and wireless internet access which appeals to many business travelers. Traveling by bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore has an estimated travel time of between 5 and 6 hours. Bus departure locations in Kuala Lumpur include the Pudu Sentral Bus Terminal and Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. Buy bus tickets online here to take advantage of everyday affordable transportation prices during your upcoming travels.


Pudu Sentral Bus Terminal

Kuala Lumpur Pudu Sentral Bus Terminal


Bandar Tasik Selatan Terminal

Bandar Tasik Selatan Terminal Online Bus Ticket Booking Online Bus Ticket Booking



Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Plane

When looking for the fastest way to travel between the two cities of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, you may to find a quick flight. The average flight time between these two cities is just 1 hour, making it the fastest travel option. Bargain deals are offered regularly for these popular flights. Last-minute flights can also be booked for some of the lowest airfare rates around. Affordable Flight and Hotel Booking Affordable Flight and Hotel Booking


Traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore has never been easier than it is now. With many different, convenient and completely affordable transportation options to choose from, you will be on your way from one city to the next in no time.