When considering which books to buy for your children, book reviews can be very useful. You can find book reviews in many places, from print magazines to websites. Some reviews, however, are more helpful than others. This is true of the children’s book genre as well as any other type of book.

There are several questions to consider when seeking the best books for kids.

  • What age group is the book suitable for?
  • Is the author well known for writing other children’s books?
  • Are there many positive reviews for this book?
  • If there are negative reviews, do they seem to make valid points?

Book reviews can be tricky, as not all of them are informative. Reviews of one or two lines, for example, don’t tell you very much. On some review sites there are also suspicious reviews, both positive and negative. Fake positive reviews can be written by authors themselves, their friends or paid reviewers. Fake negative reviews can be written by competitors or people who have an ax to grind regarding the author. It’s not usually very hard to spot fake reviews. Real reviews are thorough and focus on providing you with real information about the book. Fake ones tend to make a few general remarks without including specifics.

Well written and highly descriptive reviews can help you decide which books to buy for your kids. They will tell you both the strengths and weaknesses of a children’s book. They can also let you know about factors that might concern you, such as whether they book is appropriate for children of a certain age or not. If you want to learn as much as possible from book reviews, it’s best to read as many of them as possible. If you visit certain review sites, you may find certain reviewers that you find trustworthy. These may be professional or amateur reviewers, as long as they share your tastes and review the kind of books you care about.

There are now more children’s books on the market than ever before. Good book reviews can help you choose the best ones so that your kids can have a steady supply of great reading material.

Child reading infographic