If you happen to get new furniture and want to get rid of the old furniture, the easiest thing to do is just take it to the dump. However, this is not environmentally efficient, and there are other methods that could be used to recycle it. Hopefully you will be inspired to use one of these recycling methods instead of just throwing your old furniture away.

The “Free Sign” Method
In almost every community there are many people who don’t have a whole lot of money, which makes it difficult for them to purchase luxury items such as living room furniture. You can place your old furniture outside with a sign, and it will be sure to be gone within a few days. Make sure that it is far enough towards the street that the person who comes to get it doesn’t have to come on your lawn, as that may feel intimidating to them and could make them turn away.

Donate It
Many furniture companies, such as Ethnicraft, accept old furniture so that they can recycle it to create new products. They will come and pick it up for free and take it back to their warehouse. This gives you the feeling of knowing that your old furniture didn’t just go to waste! You will help the environment and feel better at the same time.

Recycle It Yourself
If you have a project idea in mind, you can always try to scrap your own furniture. The wood can be used as building materials, and the fabric could go into a quilt. Of course, you can recycle it in any way that you desire, but those are a few ideas. The extra pieces that you don’t use can either be donated or saved for another day.

Scrap It
You can actually earn a little bit of money from your old furniture if you really want. You can scrap it and sell the wood and metals, which will go for a decent price. You will earn most of your money from the metals and it will be much easier to find a buyer. The scrapped pieces will be melted down to be used to create something else new.

Know Someone?
If you know someone that is in need of furniture, you can always hand your old furniture down to them. Maybe they need platform beds or Ethnicraft dining tables, if you happen to have one you can give it to them. Also, if there is an orphanage or community home nearby, they will almost always take your old furniture because they don’t have a large budget to spend on their own furniture. You will get a warm feeling as you deliver that new piece of furniture!

Don’t just throw your old furniture away, there are plenty of ways to recycle it. You can use any of these methods to recycle your own furniture, so there isn’t an excuse to just take it to the dump. Allow it to be reused and help the environment!

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