People say that life changes when one becomes a father. I totally agree with that. Fatherhood has been one of my greatest pride and joy.

After two years of settling down, I held my first bundle in my hands, Tanya. And as I did that, I realized life had suddenly changed.

There was someone who was going to start looking up to me. In time, she would run to me and say “daddy” when I came home from work. And above all, I would be her first true hero.

Initially, my father told me it was God’s blessings that I married my wife, Marsha. Now, he says God has given me an angel, and I agree.

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Tanya brought happiness into our lives as she laughed, and did cheeky things. She is as beautiful as her mother too, which is a bonus.

Life was already amazing with Marsha, but it just got better when Tanya was born. A year later, Marsha and I decided to have another child and we had Charissa.

Marsha became a second time mother, Tanya gained a little sister and I became a new father once again.

Today, Tanya is 10 and Charissa eight. Time has flown since they were born. They are still learning how the world works which can be funny at times.

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I used to think how I wanted them to grow up fast, so that I could teach them new things, buy new gadgets for them, and just enjoy their company. But now, I wish they would just slow down.

The funny thing about fatherhood is that we want everything – the best for our kids, for them to grow up, get married and leave the nest, and at the same time, remain the cute little babies they were when they were born.

As joyful as fatherhood is, it is also a major responsibility. I am glad I have Marsha to share it with me. I am still learning to be a great father … and God knows, I need all the help I can get.

But one thing is certain though, nothing can ever make me regret the decision to have my kids.

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