The first thing that most people notice when looking at someone else it that person’s face. First impressions matter. Our face makes an impression on others whether we’re aware of it or not. How does your skin look to others? Is your complexion smooth? You know that facial beauty is an important element in society, otherwise, would there be hundreds of facial creams and treatments on the market?

For people with scars, age spots or unsightly wrinkles, there’s an alternative and effective treatment. Laser treatment for neck and face is a relatively new treatment that’s used to resurface skin. The treatment removes minimized scar tissue, age spots and blemishes. Many patients are surprised to find that treatments are safe and affordable compared to other forms of skin treatment options.


How Laser Treatment for the Face Works

Laser treatment, also known as skin peel, removes damaged layers outer skin while stimulating the production of collagen in the process. New cells grow in underlying areas of the skin that results in a younger, smoother, and healthier-looking facial skin. For actual treatment, a plastic surgeon carefully examines the patient’s skin to determine which technique, or combination of treatments, will work best. Factors to consider includes a patient’s age, skin type, severity of sun damage, and the depth of the patient’s skin imperfections.


Who Is a Candidate for Laser Treatment of the Face?

A dermatologist is the best person to consult to find out if you’re a candidate for the treatment. Patients with certain skin types, medical conditions, or skin tones may be at risk of development side effects after treatment. The best candidates are those approved by a dermatologist with real expectations of the treatment’s outcome.


People with minor skin imperfections may not be the best candidates either. The side effects of the surgery may last for a week, and sometimes longer. For people with very minor skin imperfections, alternative treatments may be recommended.

There are definite benefits to having better-looking skin. Not only can a person look and feel younger as a result, but many people experience a positive boost in confidence and self-esteem. Get all the facts before you decide on treatment.

Laser Skin Therapy from Ghost Productions on Vimeo.