If you want to learn English, you will want to try to think in English and give it a full effort. Otherwise, if you don’t give it a full effort, you will never learn this important language. While this sounds easy, it’s not. Here are four tips to speed up your English language learning.



If you want to learn a language, you will want speak it often. With a one to one English course (see ELEC), you can talk to a native speaker and learn the language quickly including slang and the right way to say a word or phrase. Remember, it’s easy to learn words out of a book; it’s better to converse with a native speaker who can help you with pronunciation and other aspects of the language.






Flash cards

While you will want to practice with a native speaker, you will also want to use flash cards to learn words. To get started, read an English language newspaper and note any words you don’t understand. Then, after noting the words, look them up and find their meaning in your native language. After that, create flash cards and practice them for 30 minutes a day. With this, not only can you learn the words, but you can learn other similar ones as you will learn the language, in detail.


Watch movies and television shows

If you sufficiently know the language, you should watch television shows or movies in English. If you still need help, you can watch movies and television shows with subtitles as this is an excellent way to learn the words without getting lost. Of course, when watching televisions or movies, be careful as you don’t want to learn poor language prevalent in some movies. However, if you watch family friendly shows, you won’t worry about learning bad language.





Take a trip

If you can, you should take a trip to an English-speaking country. Whether you want to visit the United States, England or Australia, you can practice the language with people who will help you and don’t mind listening to a non-native speaker.

With these four tips, you can speed up your English learning. If you don’t take the time to speak with a native speaker and learn new words, you will struggle with this important language.