Fixed deposit products are a secure investment option. Contribution to a fixed term certificate of deposit with a term of 1 month to 5 years can protect savings while accruing interest earnings.


Interest Earnings on Fixed Deposits

Investors can compare interest annual percentage rate (APR) on fixed deposits to determine the most suitable product for their fund. Higher earning certificates are generally longer term contracts. Short-term fixed deposit interest rates will be lower. Due to the fact that fixed term deposit agreements do not fluctuate during the course of the contract, interest accrued on principal is the same for the duration of the account agreement.

iMoney Fixed Deposit Lists Down Interest Earned For Your Comparison

iMoney Fixed Deposit Lists Down Interest Earned For Your Comparison



Early Withdrawal of Interest Earnings

Banks require a minimum deposit to initiate a certificate. At time of maturation, principal and accrued interest earned on a fixed deposit account are available. Depositors wishing to cash out on a certificate prior to the expiry date, may incur a penalty if not backed by the terms of the initial agreement.

Some certificate of deposit agreements allow a depositor to request funds from the sum of interest on the contract, leaving the principal for full-service to the term of the agreement. Disbursement of interest earned at intervals is a feature of some fixed deposit contracts, enabling investors to access liquidity. If a fixed deposit account is terminated rather than sustained in response to emerge withdrawal of funds, penalties may be applied.


Maybank eFixed Deposit Withdrawal Terms

Maybank eFixed Deposit Withdrawal Terms


Terms to Renewal

Most banking institutions in Malaysia rollover certificate of deposit accounts at time of maturity. Automatic renewal binds the principal and accrued interest from the original certificate to contract for the same scheduled term as the initial agreement. Tacit rollover means that a depositor potentially cannot withdrawal or transfer those funds until the new expiry date.


Managing Deposit Accounts

Today, many investors prefer to manage their certificate of deposit and other accounts by way of Internet banking. Investors can manage their fixed deposit account and other banking portfolio assets, and schedule renewal or transfer of funds to new products.

In a time of global financial instability, Malaysian investors can benefit from a fixed deposit account. Malaysian depositors have a choice of Islamic and standard certificate of deposit. Certificate of deposits are reliable income from secured funds. When seeking information about FD rates from different banks, Malaysian investors will find that there are a range of deposit products and interest rates available to suit their financial plan.