In the eternal fight to remove hair that grows in places it is not wanted, most women have tried every method they can find. Chemical depilatories, wax, shaving, or even plucking are methods every woman has experimented with. Those methods work but are only temporary; the same hair quickly grows back. Women want more permanent solutions. Two especially popular methods in today’s world are laser and IPL laser hair removal treatment.


Light Beam Energy For Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works by focusing a concentrated beam of single wavelength light over a small area of the skin. Melanin in the hair follicle reacts with the light energy and heats up. Heat travels down the hair and causes damage to the root. A large percentage of the damage is permanent, and hair is never again produced by that shaft. But some roots do recover, and different hair follicles grow hair at different times, so several sessions are needed.

IPL was developed for the treatment of spider veins or dark spots on the skin. It is used to smooth out skin tones and was later found to be an effective and less costly method of hair removal. IPL laser treatment uses the same principle as a laser but, instead of a single wavelength of concentrated light, IPL uses a wider spectrum, less intense light. Light energy is still absorbed by the hair’s melanin and travels to the root, just as with a laser, but, because each session is not as intense, more sessions may be needed.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) permanent hair reduction treatment you can drastically reduce unwanted hair.




Not Recommended For Darker Skin

Melanin, of course, is found not just in the hair, it is also found in skin. The darker the skin, the more melanin present. For this reason, women are advised to stay out of the sun prior to and during the course of treatments. Women with naturally darker skin may not be candidates for these methods. There are permanent hair removal treatments that are effective on darker skin colors, but the potential for skin damage using the melanin reactive methods outweighs the benefits. To find out what is recommended for a particular skin type, seek a consultation with a reputable hair or skin treatment clinician. Most offices or clinics will offer free consultation and will often perform a skin test before starting treatment.


Choose a Properly Trained Operator

It is important to choose a qualified clinician. In the hands of the undertrained, a laser or IPL device can be ineffective and may even lead to skin damage. A dermatologist’s office, or a clinic specializing in hair removal techniques is the wise choice for treatment. Clinics are found worldwide but are especially popular with Asian women with their lustrously beautiful skin. One especially stands out. If you are considering treatment and are able to, check out Prive Aesthetics IPL Hair removal clinic in Singapore to see how a quality clinic operates and to see what course of treatment they recommend for you.

Smooth skin with no unwanted hair is within reach of most of us. A few sessions with an IPL- or laser-trained clinician will go a long way toward reaching the freedom of permanent hair removal.

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