One of the things that I want on my dream house is for it to have hardwood flooring. When I went to Asia on a job assignment, I lived with a rich family. Their house sat on top of a hill overlooking the town below. One of the things that I liked about that house, aside from its view, is its hardwood floor. So, I told myself that when I have my very own house built, it should have hardwood flooring.

I researched on hardwood flooring cost and I learned that it does not come cheap. However, since it is my dream house, I have to accept the cost. It just meant that I have to work harder to be able to afford the kind of flooring that I want.

I also wanted my dream house to sit on top of a hill. I already bought a lot on top of a hill. The view is not as amazing as the view on the house that I went to. However, I figured that in time, the landscape below the hill would evolve and get better. Since I still do not have the money to start building the house, there would still be time for the view below my hill to take shape.