The success of a company in today’s business world depends heavily on its ability to maintain a positive online presence. The reputation of a company can be permanently marred by negative information that is spread through social media, online forums and linking. Competitors that are willing to engage in unsavory business practices may spread negative information about a company in order to convince customers to switch.

Online reputation management services are designed to improve a company’s image in the eyes of the public. Services that are provided to companies in order to achieve this goal include:

• Search Engine Management 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key component of reputation management. SEO helps companies boost their rankings in popular search engines (read more about AdWords And SEO – Making Both Work Hand In Hand!). Methods that are used to reach this goal include researching and utilizing keywords, managing linking to and from other websites and online marketing tactics. The algorithms that are used by search engines such as Google must be thoroughly understood by a company that offers SEO services.

• Reputation Building 
Social media plays a big part in the success or failure of a company. Customers may choose to spread information about a particular company whether the company decides to maintain a social media presence or not. Reputation building involves interacting with customers through social media outlets to form positive connections with the people who could make or break a company.


• Content Management 
Content management services relate to the information that is found on a company’s website. This includes basic information about specific services that are provided. Blog posts are also included in website content. Businesses that make an effort to post valuable content in a blog tend to enjoy more success than companies that do not have a blog. However, the content found in blogs must not be copied. Keyword usage is also important in blog posts.

SearchGuru Malaysia is the most successful SEO company providing online reputation management services in Malaysia. Employing a company that knows how to utilize SEO techniques to manage the reputation of a company is essential for the continued success of the business. SEO services from companies with little or no experience in employing these techniques typically fail to provide the results that businesses need for long-term success.

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