Medical programs in Russia have the same high standards and requirements as the rest of the world. The advantage of taking medical courses in Russia is that they are offered well below cost that the rest of the world must pay for such services. This includes native Russian students as well as those from foreign countries. Foreign countries will accept all medical courses that have been completed in Russia and will accept the Russian MBBS degree for those that are certified to practice medicine.

These are several benefits to choosing to study the medical field in Russia. In addition to work in the classroom the coursework allows for a medical student to gain plenty of hands on experience. There is a year’s worth a practicum that is done that local and government hospitals to help the medical student prepare for future employment. The entire medical programs are available in both the Russia language and English as well. Russia has the least expensive medical courses in all of Europe. The cost of living while attending school in Russia is also low. A student can live on campus for around a hundred dollars a month. The apartments and college housing located near the campuses are also low in cost.

The low costs of the medical program does not affect the quality of education the students receive. Russian medical school are listed in the World Health Organization Directory of Medical School meaning that any student completing a medical program in Russia can take the medical exam in any country in the world including the United States and India. In order to be a candidate for medical school in Russia a student has to complete an undergraduate program at an accredited university. The student should have majored in a pre medical field including biology, chemistry, other related topics that would help them in medical school. A student does have to take an entrance exam into medical school. Once accepted the student will complete coursework related to the medical field as well as many hours of hands on training. At this point a student can choose a specialization in the field of medicine.

Depending the specialization more schooling will be required as well as completed an internship in that field for a period of at least one year. Upon the completion of the training the student is eligible to take the medical licensing exam in Russia. Russia offers the quality medical programs at a fraction of the cost. Studying medicine in Russia is a wise decision.

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