Honda is a vehicle manufacturer that is popular in Singapore as well as many other places in the world. Many consumers appreciate the vehicles because of their comfort, convenience and tendency to last a very long time. In fact, Honda vehicles have a reputation for lasting for more than 300,000 miles for their owners. New drivers and veteran drivers could fare well by purchasing a used Honda in Singapore. The following is a list of several used Hondas that are highly popular and reliable for drivers of all ages and experience levels.


The Honda Fit


The Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is an adorable vehicle for consumers who do not requires a large inner compartment. The fit is a popular economy vehicle that can provide the customer with up to 38 miles per gallon of gas on the highway. The fit has a zippy engine with 130 horsepower. Additionally, the unit has features such as Bluetooth and special seat folding configurations. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows vehicle owners to have hands-free communications. The Fit is an amazing vehicle for a college student, single parent or a family that is trying to budget accordingly.


The Honda Accord


The Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is an excellent vehicle for Singapore families who need a spacious interior, an attractive shell and a wealth of other features. The 2010 Honda Accord is still new enough for benefits such as refinancing, but its pricing will be easy on the consumer. The Sedan has an above average fuel efficiency capability. An owner can get up to 31 miles out of each gallon in the Honda Accord. Additionally, the Accord has a star rating of 4.2 which is well above the norm for modern consumers. The Accord is an amazing used vehicle for drivers with children.


120911hon_Interior_1.jpg Motor Car Honda


The Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a vehicle that would suit a single person well if that person appreciates small, sporty vehicles. The classic Civic is Honda’s “sport” model, and many people conduct modifications on their Civics and convert them into racing vehicles. The 2012 Civic has a stellar fuel efficiency. The vehicle can get up to 41 miles per gallon on the highway, which is excellent for a college student or a person who works far from home. Some of the features of the 2012 Civic include ABS, front wheel drive, coil front springs, passenger side impact airbags, immobilizer and much more. The Civic is a trustworthy vehicle for drivers who want to be stylishly safe.



2006-2010 Honda Civic – Sedan

The Honda Element

The Honda Element is a sport utility vehicle that drivers adore because it is comfortable for long trips, excursions and vacations. The Honda Element is a boxy vehicle with a mostly plastic body and a strong foundation. Many consumers love that the Element has a spacious cabin and delivers its power smoothly. Interested persons can purchase a four-wheel drive unit. The Element is the perfect driving companion for people who dare to be different than the rest of the drivers in the world.


Choosing the Best Honda in Singapore

Singapore residents can never go wrong by choosing a Honda. The key is to find the best used Honda for the family’s requirements. Not every family has the same needs. Therefore, the buyer will have to write a careful list of what he or she is looking for in a Honda. The list should consist of desired features, price range, color options and the like. The consumer should conduct research to see where the vehicle stands with other consumers, as well. Then the person can make an informed choice about the best Singapore Honda to buy.