Choosing Valentine’s Day Gifts He Will Love

With Valentine’s Day fast approach, the time is now to find the ideal gift for your special guy. The thing is that you want to please him and still think a little out of the box. Here are some suggestions that will start you thinking in the right direction.


Snacks and More Snacks

It is true that there is nothing all that unique about the idea of giving your guy snacks for Valentine’s Day. You can still use this approach and put your own spin on things. For example, forget about stuffing a basket with the same old candy bars. What if you gifted him with a pail filled with packages of chocolate flavoured bacon? While the idea of crispy bacon strips coated with a thick layer of chocolate may not be your idea of a fun time, your special man will likely find them just off the beaten track enough to be amusing and tasty.

If you would prefer to stick with more conventional snacks, then order some candies that were popular when he was a kid. There are all sorts of online suppliers who offer limited run of old time candies and snacks that are no longer easy to find. You’ll trigger some smiles and also bring back some memories he will appreciate.


Personal Care Collections

Guys do like to receive practical gifts, and something that helps with grooming and personal hygiene is likely to be a hit. Assuming he has a favourite fragrance that he likes to wear, check around and see what type of hygiene products are available in that same scent. While he probably has a decent supply of cologne, you could create a gift that includes deodorant, body wash, shaving cream, and maybe some body powder. This type of total men’s skin care package is sure to be a hit.

Rather than just buying a collection with these items, go a little further with the whole theme. Include a new toiletry case that he can use when travelling . If he happens to have facial hair, clippers and other tools to help keep the beard at just the right length will be appreciated. The extra touches indicate that you did more than run into a local department store, pick up a pre-packaged gift and called it enough.


Play the Nostalgia Card

Since you know your guy so well, think about giving him something that hearkens back to some of his favourite memories. Was there a musical act or a performer that he has idolised since he was a kid? Check around and see if you can find an old movie poster or possibly some sheet music for one of the band’s biggest hits. You would be surprised how easy it is to find autographed memorabilia that you can have matted and framed for Valentine’s Day. Thanks to your ingenuity, your guy has a piece of wall art he will love, and the fact you put the time and effort into such a special gift will draw the two of you closer.


Going Practical While Keeping Things Fun

Most guys have a practical side, so they love to get things that fill some need and are still kind of fun. You can findquirky lifestyle gifts that are great for your guy. All you need to do is draw on what you know about his interests and hobbies.

Maybe he is a gadget person. Chances are he would love a knife that also includes a bottle opener, a corkscrew, and maybe a nail file. How much more practical can you get? Make it quirky by purchasing a knife that happens to sport the colours of his favourite sports team.


If the relationship between the two of you allows it, consider gifting him with something of an intimate nature. Novelty underwear, some tasty body paint, and similar personal items could turn out to be things that the two of you can enjoy together.

Your guy is special, and that means he deserves something out of the ordinary for Valentine’s Day. Give it some thought, and you’ll come up with all sorts of ideas.