According to professional GRE tutor Mr.Chee Yew Wen stated that, cramming sometimes works in school, but even on the analogies section, the GRE is testing critical thinking skills moreso than anything that can be retained in short term memory. Critical thinking skills are like a muscle- you have to build them through stress and focused training over time, not through attempting to lift 300 pounds the day before a competition. At best, cramming testtakers lack strength; at worst, they injure their own abilities to perform well on test day.

To prevent these feelings of lacking preparation, test takers should make every effort to become involved in a rigorous study schedule set out over a month or more, ideally three. And to relieve anxiety on test day, students should complete a few easy problems a few hours before arriving at the test center, as a mental warm up and confidence boost. Through adopting these practices and others, students can achieve peak performance on test day.

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