If you’re looking to up your style scale in Spring, then you’re in the right place. With all of the fashion trends coming out this spring, it might be hard to decide exactly what look is right for you. However, fashion shouldn’t be about limiting yourself. Instead, it should be about considering all of the different styles and trends and trying a little bit of everything. If you want to try some daring new looks this spring, then here are the spring fashion trends that you can try with pieces from Zalora.my.


Two-Piece Dresses

Two-piece dresses are the look for spring. Taylor Swift made this look huge with her recent fashion choices. These pencil skirts paired with matching or complimentary crop tops are definitely the hottest trend to try this spring. If you really want a sexy look, then pair this two-piece ensemble with a pair of eye-catching stiletto heels.


Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is huge right now. One of the most popular items are oversize necklaces. They are best used to accentuate a simple, solid top or dress. Oversize, flashy earrings are also very much in vogue. This trend can seem a bit daunting at first, but with the right amount of confidence you can easily pull off this over-the-top, fashion forward style


Oversized Crystal Statement Necklace


Eye-Catching Heels

Ditch your boring, solid stiletto heels. Instead, try a pair that is daring and statement-making. This season’s heels are all about bold patterns and textures. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shoe trends that take fashion to the next level. If you’re more of a flats kind of gal, you can still experiment with flats that feature bold prints and designs.


Pastels and Whites

Pastels and whites are always somewhat popular when spring rolls around. However, this season, they are trendier than ever. A pastel or white spring dress is perfect for a casual luncheon or even a night out on the down. This dainty and demure look can be given some great edge if you pair it with a denim or leather jacket. Studded jewelry or the aforementioned statement necklaces can also give these feminine dresses an added edge.


Pastels and Whites Dress

When it comes to spring fashion, don’t be afraid to experiment. These great trends from Zalora.my are meant to be mixed and played around with. Even if one look doesn’t work for you, you can easily find another that does. Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun. Dabble with different looks, trends and styles until you find the style that is absolutely perfect for you. When in doubt, always remember that a little black dress never goes out of style. And if you’re in a pinch money-wise, you can grabthese hot Zalora discount codes to save those pretty pennies for your Summer wardrobe.