Many people like building gazebos in their yards as a place where they can hold special gatherings and dinners. Ultimate design depends upon one’s preference, but in any case, there are numerous designs from simple to complex ones to choose from. As long as one knows few basic steps, it is easy to build a special place in the yard.

Common materials that one may need include 2×12 inch joist stock, 5×5 inch post stock, 2×5 inch building stock, joist hangers, pre-cut stairs, and columns. Other important materials include shingles, railings, foundation tubes, cement and water.

Common tools required in this project include a hammer, nails, table saw, circular saw, nails, bits and drills, portable cement mixer, shovel, stakes and chalk. You may also need string, power cords, paper, and pencil, ladder, and some eye protection.

Steps to Build your Gazebo

Before starting with the building plan, one should first assess the purpose it will serve. Will it be used just for family gatherings, or for some social functions as well. When one is clear on how to use gazebo, one can easily focus on various other factors such as the layout, the design, and the foundation right up to its railings.

They now come in all shapes, but most of the people prefer them in pentagon or circle, but these days one can even get them in rectangular shape. When considering circular ones, they will need bit more attention, especially in terms of measuring and cutting tasks.

For its layout, one should initially look at their middle part. Then, a stake should be used to mark its center. Afterwards, a string can be attached that can be used for rotating through the circle to drive the stake to each foundation location. For building big structures with awnings, one would need extra foundation holes.

For foundation, you may have to secure a permit. Even in case of free standing structure with roofing, you may have to seek permit as local registry has now mandated this requirement. Once permit has been secured, one can immediately start foundation work.

Once the foundation work is over, one should focus on framing, then on the columns, decking and roof frame. Last step would include installations of roof tiles and railings. All those who have no prior experience may encounter problems while building their structure. All those who are on budget can hire help. However, if keen on making this project, one should refer to best building plans that can help them in this project.

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How to build a gazebo in just a minute