A person should always take care of their nails. They should always keep their nails clean and if they polish them, they need to make sure they are all polished and well taken care of. Many of us don’t keep them polished but still have pretty nails, the person just needs to keep them well groomed. A person can have their nails manicured by a professional or she can do it at home herself and find nail polish online. Here are a few tips on how to take care of the fingernails.

Hand washing is extremely important before and after anything that is touched even if gloves were worn to protect the hands, wash them. Hand sanitizers are okay to use when the person can’t get to the bathroom sink to wash them.

A person should soak their hands weekly for better care of their cuticles, as this will soften them.

Buffing the nails will give the nails a cleaner look. When buffing them, go over the ridges in the nail slowly so this doesn’t do any damage to the nails. If the nail feels like it is getting warm, slow the buffing down. Look for a buffer in a beauty store.

How to Buff Nails & Why

Always apply a base coat to the nails before putting on the polish. The base coat is going to help keep the nail polish on longer. Try to find a base coat at a beauty store. Butter London might have a base coat to try as well.

When applying the nail polish, take the brush and starting in the middle of the nail, brush the middle of the nail then brush the polish to the right of the nail and then to the left of the nail to cover the entire nail completely in just three strokes. Wait for a few minutes and then repeat this once again

If going with a darker nail polish color, know that the darker the color the longer the polish takes to dry. Butter London will have lots of darker colors but have a look at all the colors they offer. Now that summer is here, the person might want to go with a lighter color.

Once the nail polish has dried, apply a top coat every day so that the nails will look well-groomed throughout the day. Try Butter London to see if they have top coats for the nails, if not look around in nail polish Luxola online stores for a top coat.

Luxola Butter London

Luxola Butter London

Use hydrating oils which are in the nail polish remover to help keep the nails healthy.

Make sure to keep the nails trimmed so they aren’t able to snag clothing or scratch the face.

Keep the nails filed for a well-groomed look. There are a few nail polish online stores that may carry a file to help with the filing.

Try not to bite the nails at all. Look in any beauty store for solutions to help stop the person from biting their nails.

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