Floor cleaning technology has made great strides in advancement in the last 10 years with the invention of the autonomous robot. Autonomous robots are robots that can perform desired tasks without continuous human guidance. One of the most popular autonomous robots in floor cleaning technology is the robot vacuum.

iRobot Roomba 780/Scooba 390 are the most popular among the robotic vacuum

One of the first robot vacuums to hit the market was the Roomba sold by iRobot in 2002. As of 2012, there have been three different designs of Roomba units: the original, the Discovery series; and the newest 500/600/700 Series. All models are round in shape and have sensors on them that allow them to cruise around a room without getting stuck on walls or falling down the stairs. They are also designed to be low enough to go under furniture. Some the later models are also equipped with technology allowing the user to create their own enhancements of the robot. A Roomba owner can tell the robot how big the room is or schedule a certain time to clean and return to its homebase. There are also such upgrades as a remote control, an extended battery, and a virtual wall that will keep the Roomba out of designated areas. The robot’s battery last for about an hour and half of cleaning time. The company has had major complaints about the battery life span and over half of the owners have had to replace their batteries a short time after purchasing one of the cleaning robots. The Roomba is not designed to work on very thick carpet but is ideal on thinner carpet, hardwood flooring or tile floors. iRobot declares that over 6 million units have been sold.

iRobot comes with remote control for user to set the cleaning schedule easily.

Putting a spin on the robot vacuum iRobot released the Scooba in 2005. Not only does the Scooba vacuum the floor it also cleans the floor like a mop. The robot floor washer uses a non-bleach solution called “Scooba juice” or the newer Natural Enzyme cleaning solution. The robot can clean about 200 square feet on a tank of cleaning solution. It goes through four cycles: sucking any debris off the floor, squirting the cleaning solution, scrubbing the floor, and then vacuuming the dirty solution off the floor to leave the surface clean and almost completely dry. The floor cleaner is safe to use on sealed hardwood floors, tile flooring, and linoleum but it cannot be used on carpet or rugs.
These two inventions have had a positive impact on the floor cleaning technology. At first people were skeptical of the small robot, but that changed in time. Less cleaning and more living is the agreed with catch phrase for this little handy gadget.

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This video gives some ideas on how to clean an iRobot Roomba 500/700 Series