Investing, like gambling, presents risk. The difference, however, is how investors tailor their positions in such a way that it minimizes risk. Gamblers, on the other hand, blindly walk into financially dangerous situations that could see them declaring bankruptcy in a few years. If you wish to become the responsible, sharp investor of Singaporean property instead of the guns-blazing gambler with no regards for risk or their financial future, here’s the 5 layers of investing success you need to adopt immediately.


First Layer – Getting into the Proper Mind set

Choosing to invest in Singaporean property isn’t a hobby, but rather a lifestyle choice. It’s more of a business rather than a hobby or side line. If you do treat it as anything less than a business, you should look for another hobby as property investing in Singapore or in any other market can be expensive. Get in the right mind set and tune out noise that is irrelevant, such as dreams of getting rich quick with property investing.


Second Layer – Knowing Your Limits

As an investor, you have to know which properties are within reach and which properties you should walk away from. How much capital do you have for buying a condo in Singapore without disrupting other assets in your portfolio? What’s your projected timeline when you will need the capital back? The second layer is important as it tackles the realities an investor must deal with.


Third Layer – Studying the Market

Singapore is known for its strong business and technology sectors, which are further fortified by its sound transportation infrastructure that stretches throughout the bustling cityscape. Know what geographic and economic qualities affect supply and demand, the best times to acquire properties, areas where best to snag these properties, and legalities surrounding the acquisition of property in Singapore.



Fourth Layer – Working with Brokers

As you dig deeper into the layers of investing in Singaporean property, be it a room for rent or a single-family home, it’s apparent that it becomes more specific and zeroes in on the last ingredients needed to secure property investments, one of which is a real estate broker who knows the ins and outs of property transactions in the country. Make sure you find a well-established brokerage firm who can help you secure good properties that have a potential to grow your invested capital safely and quickly.


Fifth Layer – Inspecting the Prospects

Successful investors have worked out a template they use to grade the quality of properties and how investable it is. Whether the template comes in the form of an actual printed list strapped onto a clipboard or just a mental script they’ve memorized over time, having a list of structural qualities and preferences will help you go through properties efficiently. Do you require an indoor swimming pool? Perhaps a big kitchen or a big bathtub? When you’re doing the inspections, don’t be afraid to ask questions to the landlord or property manager showing you around. The more information you collect, the higher your odds of making the most accurate decision.