Your home goes through a lot everyday. It has to endure with the messes that your, kids, pets and dirt create. Every day it is a cycle of cleaning and getting dirty again and the constant pattern leaves you feeling drained by the end of the day. When you think of vacuuming you automatically picture yourself struggling with a big heavy vacuum that leaves some areas of your home untouched. The conventional form of vacuuming is a tough time consuming chore that many people dread doing. But recently, a new revolutionary vacuum cleaner brings robotic technology to the old cleaning methods. It is called the Roomba.

The iRobot is a hands free, self operating vacuum that once turned on cleans your home and leaves it spotless. It is a fabulous invention as it does all the cleaning for you. The scooba vacuum has an extensive list of amazing features and positive benefits. The first benefit is that it can clean and ensure that your whole home is spotless. It is small enough to be able to maneuver itself in hard to reach areas that a regular vacuum couldn’t reach such as under furniture and along wall edges thus making it the best and most effective cleaning vacuum available. The robot vacuum has a special built in sensor that allows it to know exactly wear it has cleaned and which areas are in need of a vacuuming. That is one of its best features because it ensures you get a full cleaning.

The iRobot picks up everything from dirt and debris to hard to clean pet hair making it a must have for a household with pets. The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is superb and picks up everything in sight including the hard to clean pet hair that a regular vacuum couldn’t pick up. Another great feature is it has a state of the art touch screen control panel. This touch screen control panel allows you to control the robot vacuum with just a flick of a finger and touch of a button. This futuristic vacuum also boast specially designed bin indicator that alerts me when its time to change the dust bin.

Touchscreen remote for manually controlling where the bot goes (image source: Engadget)

And finally, the Robot vacuum cleaner is the most practical vacuum out on the market. Since it does all the vacuuming for you, you can have more flexibility in time. With all the extra spare time you can spend it with your family and friends or partaking in the activities that you love to do. The time I used to spend on cleaning my home is now used in a more productive manor and I enjoy having the time to watch a movie or read a book. This is a versatile vacuum that adds a futuristic take on vacuuming. I love this line of robotic vacuum cleaners and I personally think that it’s the best invention since the actual vacuum cleaner was invented. I truly love the roomba and it makes vacuuming my favorite chore because it’s so easy to use. The technology of vacuuming has reached whole new heights and has made the job of cleaning my home so easy and effortless.

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Roomote is an app used to control your iRobot Roomba or Create robot with your iPhone. It’s a Roomba remote!