The design of the platform bed has made it an appealing piece of furniture to add to many bedrooms. The design does have some good points as well as some drawbacks to using it.

The Pros of Platform Beds

The positive aspect to this bed frame is its modern style. This frame is used in decorating contemporary themed bedrooms more than any other frame. The design includes a headboard which is often covered in fabric to enhance the appearance of the piece. In some cases, the frame can be included with other pieces of bedroom furniture made in the same contemporary style. The sleek design of a leather covered headboard with a leather covered base adds an air of sophistication to a modern bedroom.

Another plus for this frame is the ability to use only a single mattress with it. Traditional bed frames require the use of a box spring underneath the mattress. The platform design incorporates thin wooden planks into the base, which add support for the mattress. The ability to use only a mattress on this frame saves people money over the cost of having to buy the additional box spring.

Platform beds are also designed to be low to the ground, which makes them easier to access for people with joint pain. Many mature adults have trouble getting in and out of a traditional bed because it is too high to reach without stretching the legs and lower back. The platform frames are easy to access by mature adults as well as kids so they can be used in any bedroom.

The Cons to Platform Beds

While the lower placement of the frame is good for some people, it can be a drawback to others. When it comes to choosing bedroom furniture, most people want items they can easily move for cleaning. Because the platform frames are either low to the ground or sit right on the floor, they are often difficult to move. When the floors are carpeted, the base can catch on the carpet fibers and pull them loose. On hard floor surfaces, the base can scratch the surface of the floor when it is pushed or pulled.

When looking for furniture online, there are a few variations in the models of platform frames. Products which sit directly on the floor do not leave any under bed space for use as storage. Even the frames that come with two or three-inch legs do not leave enough room underneath to store items. An alternative to this drawback is to look for a base with drawers included. The drawback of not having storage room under the base can be remedied by selecting a model from the available furniture online, such as which comes with storage drawers built into the base.

While the platform base is not a design for everyone, it does have a certain appeal to people who enjoy modern room designs or themes that incorporate oriental styles of furniture.

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