Jeez, I wish I didn’t have to commute in to work today.

I’ve had that thought many mornings as I prepared for the hour-long drive. As I sat in the car in crawling traffic, I wondered why we couldn’t find a better way to conduct business. Thankfully, greater minds than mine have figured out a better vision for the future. There are number of thriving companies which utilize virtual collaboration and remote employment as an integral part of their business plan. Some of the following companies represent just a few examples of the future of remote work.


Automattic, Inc.

Automattic is a web services company that has 123 employees in 26 countries, with all employees working remotely. Automattic hosts the servers for and work gets accomplished wherever the employees choose with virtual meetings conducted on Skype and other internet mediums.



Genuitic refers to itself as the cloud control company. It is a cloud services and software provider that has physical headquarters but is comprised of a remote workforce of software designers and developers.



The non-profit organization that created the Firefox browser has physical offices throughout the world, but Mozilla also encourages virtual employment. Many of the employment opportunities at Mozilla are virtual jobs.



Upworthy is a next generation media company that wants its employees to work where they feel most comfortable and most productive. Their workforce is comprised of distributed teams that collaborate and share information from remote settings.


Virtual Law Partners

The law firm describes itself on its website as “a geographically distributed firm of top-tier lawyers.” The attorneys work on cases across the country by working from remote sites and keeping overhead costs low and productivity high.



10up is a young company specializing in building websites on the WordPress platform. 10up employs many remote contractors such as freelance artists and information architects.

The early 20th century saw the advent of the Industrial Revolution. In the early 21st century, we are in the midst of a Virtual Employment Evolution that is transcending away from the traditional brick-and-mortar work models. With innovative crowd-sourcing applications and the technological versatility of cloud-computing, there is a new generation of businesses that thrive with remote employment.

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