Web hosting resellers, purchase server space and bandwidth from parent hosting companies and resell the space either as an agent of the parent company or under their own company name. Profit potential from reselling can be significant as reseller packages can often be more attractive to online buyers than individual packages offered by the parent company. If you are interested in reselling web hosting or domain name registrations, here are a few tips that may prove helpful.


Make a realistic estimate on the number of clients you can sign quickly.

If you are certain that you can meet realistic goals then a white label package pre-purchased for sale under your own company name may be the way to go. If you are just looking to build a secondary revenue stream from an existing blog or website then acting as an agent for the parent company will provide additional revenue at no risk.


Research the reputation of the parent company for quality and service.

None of your customers will be too happy if they have invested in any digital product offered or endorsed by you, which do not meet their expectations. A little research on your part should reveal any reliability problems on the part of the parent company which may reflect poorly on you. Remember when you make a recommendation your digital credibility is on the line. A good reputation is much more important over the long haul than a short term profit.


Exabytes Singapore Reseller Hosting Available in Linux and Windows

Exabytes Singapore Reseller Hosting Available in Linux and Windows




Consider offering web hosting as part of a more comprehensive web design, or SEO package. Translation services are also widely sought after for those persons seeking to reach a wider international market. Individuals who are inclined to enter into a web hosting agreement are either starting a web site or looking for a larger audience for an existing web site. If your company offers solutions at a reasonable price, not only will you increase overall short term revenues but residual revenue should also increase.


Make the decision

Once you have decided that becoming a web hosting reseller is something worth you would like to try, do your homework on the companies offering packages and services. Don’t overlook add on services such as email and domain names as they can provide additional revenue or be the deciding factor for clients choosing you over another company.