The domain name you choose can contribute to or hinder the success of your business. You need to choose the name carefully so that it is descriptive, memorable and fits with your brand. You should know some of the top tips for picking a domain name that will help your business succeed.


Keep It Short and Simple

The most important tip is to keep your domain name as short and simple as possible. Long domain names are difficult to remember, hard to type and impractical to put on marketing materials. The same is true of domain names that involve complex strings of industry jargon. You want to use basic words that are simple to type. The name should flow and be intuitive. Short and simple domain names will contribute greatly to the success of any business.



Make It Catchy or Memorable

You want a domain name that consumers will see or hear and then type in later to visit your website. The way to do this is to make your domain name catchy or memorable. It should be something that will stick in the minds of consumers. Be careful with made up or nonsensical words that do not really exist since these are far less memorable than variations or plays on normal words. Catchy or memorable domain names market themselves.

Watch For Unexpected Letter Combinations

You have to be careful when stringing words together to form a cohesive domain name. The domain name might read very well and might be very catchy when you look at it because you are aware of the individual word divisions. Someone looking at the domain name for the first time might see different divisions between the letters. Watch carefully for unexpected letter combinations. You want to look for words that are formed unintentionally within the domain name that might be offensive, confusing or inappropriate.


Stay Away From Hyphens and Numbers

It can be tempting to use hyphens as separators for words. You might also consider putting numbers in your domain name. Avoid doing both of these things. The best Singapore domain names do not contain hyphens or numbers. Both hyphens and numbers are difficult to type and hard to relay when saying a domain name. This is especially true with many mobile devices where numbers and hyphens take an extra effort to enter. Stay away from hyphens and numbers whenever possible.


Make Sure It Is Not Too Similar To Other Domain Names

A final tip is to do research to ensure your domain name is not too similar to other ones. If it is, then there could be extreme brand dilution or confusion. Additionally, consumers might mistype your domain name and end up at another website. This can cost you visitors every month. Make your domain name as unique as possible.
You need to spend time creating a good domain name. Do not just go with the first one you find available. Do some testing and ask others what they think. Finding the right domain name for your business will contribute to your success over time.